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Arias Classical & Flamenco Guitars

Our classical and flamenco guitars are finely hand made in Paraguay by the best luthiers in the country, from best selected solid woods.

For complete information on our different models, with photographs, and prices, please visit our guitar website,

Our Arias guitars are 100% hand made by our luthiers, with 20 to 50 years of building experience. Each guitar is hand made from start to finish by only one builder. Our production is very limited, and waiting time for a custom order is usually of about three to four months. All models can be built with or without cutaway.

This is what the Classical Guitar Maestro Sila Godoy, the greatest Paraguayan Classical Guitar composer and interpreter after Agustín Barrios, said about our guitars: "Your guitars are the best made in Paraguay by far, every new one I test is better than the previous ones. I have tested guitars from all the best known local luthiers, and yours have no competition either in sound or construction. These are world class guitars that can compete side by side with guitars made by the best European luthiers. I had never dreamed to have guitars of these quality built in Paraguay".

You will not find our guitars in local (Paraguayan) guitar shops, our guitars are only made for customers abroad. In local guitar shops you will find a great range of guitars, mainly made in small workshops, and most of them of low to medium quality. Some shops also offer factory made guitars under their own shop names. These factory made instruments have glossy polyurethane finishes, with mainly laminated tops, backs & sides, but they do not have the sound quality of luthier made solid wood guitars.

The low prices for our guitars is due to the lower cost of luthier labour in South America. The prices charged by North American and European luthiers for a hand made guitar is higher, because the cost of living in their regions is from five to ten times more expensive. I consider their labour charges absolutely fair.

All our wood is SOLID. We do NOT use laminated wood (plywood). We use Master, Special and AAA grade Western Red Cedar, Master and AAA grade Engelmann Spruce, and Master and AAA grade Sitka Spruce. Our East Indian Rosewood, Pau Ferro (Bolivian Jacaranda), and Brazilian Rosewood are AAA, and AAAA (Master) grade. We use AA, AAA, and AAAA (Master) grade Ebony. We can use other species of wood for Back and Sides, and for the Top if requested by the buyer.
Our rosettes are hand made, from Russia and Argentina.

Warranty: One year against defects in workmanship or materials.

Returns: Guitars with standard dimensions may be returned for a full refund (except fund/bank transfer charges) within seven days after received by the buyer. Guitars must be returned in the same condition as when shipped from us.

We have changed the model names of our guitars for better understanding. Our Concert grade guitars are now named 1A and 1A Maestro.

We can also build Requintos, Parlor Guitars, and Acoustic Guitars.

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